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ruth copeland

has 30 + years experience as a physical education and health teacher for GISD and MISD, 10 years as a driving instructor, and 2 years of being a TPST examiner. Ruth has a two children and two grandchildren she loves spending time with.

What's more important than peace of mind? Nothing.

"Since Roger took his Pre-Test and then his driving test with you guys in February, he’s sent a bunch of his friends to see you – Presley, Carson, Dylan (his mom Diana loved the lesson – we both agreed it was the best money spent ever for peace of mind!)...

We have been telling everyone how great you guys are."

-Amy Jahnel

our business

During the appointment, we will check your DPS paperwork then test your student on our DPS approved route. The test takes about 20 mins. Afterwards you will receive an envelope with the test scores to take to DPS along with your other documents to get your vision exam, fingerprinting, and Texas Drivers License printed.

At North Texas DPS Testing, we are committed to giving our students an enjoyable, relaxing experience for the Road Test.

Our certified instructors and examiners are approved by the State of Texas and have been private and commerical driving school instructors for many years. We have experience being calm in the car with a provisional licensed drivers.

We enjoy giving our students a quality experience at our third party testing locations. We hope to your provisional license driver get their Texas Drivers License!


testing available 7 days a week; openings daily


teens & adults 

" This was the BEST experience! "   -Wendy McCrillis

Sarah krawec

has 11 years of experience with the driving school industry, 3 1/2 years of driving instruction, and 1 year of being a TPST examiner. Sarah also has a Bachelors Degree of Biology and is currently studying for graduate school.

" Thank you for making the “driving test” experience a positive one. The staff was polite and professional.

Thank you,"
-Debra Bassinger 

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Need more personal time to get questions answered than DPS will give you?

"  We cannot thank you enough for your patience and allowing us to constantly get on your nerves with all our phone calls and coming up so many times to practice, we really appreciate everything you all have done for us."

-Monica Owens 

"  Thank you Sarah!! Nothing but a wonderful experience! Dylan's already told a few friends about you & I believe his buddy emailed you just a bit ago. 

Thank you oodles, "

-Christy Bilbrey

our services

  • Private Lessons
  • Paperwork Pre-Check In
  • Pre-Test
  • TEEN & ADULT Testing
  • Notary
  • Car Rental


" Thank you so much for your patience, comforting spirit, professionalism and fun personality.  Check out the memory attached..."

-Tarsha Handsborough mother of Brandon

All persons wishes to test OFF-SITE from DPS, including our location needs to have a Permit or Provisional License with Restriction B.

This is so we know 1) that you passed your written portion with DPS, 2) you're covered under insurance if something happens, and 3) you're not breaking the law.  


We are able to help Rowlett and the greater area by giving road examinations to teens and adults. DPS has limited hours, long wait times, and can be difficult to get questions answered. We are able to get students in quickly, around your schedule, and can answer just about any question regarding paperwork and documentation.

TEXT 469-844-1377 

​NO TESTING FROM FEB 18TH - 25TH. More information on CONTACT US page


Thank you for taking good care of my son.  He has already driven himself to and from school saving his parents at least 4 trips to RCHS and back.  Band got home at 11pm last night and I didn't even have to get out of my comfy warm bed.

 - Steve George