In Short, the program was created for eligible students getting their license for the first time to bypass the long waits at a traditional DPS setting. 

Third Party Programs are generally more customer friendly and able students to navigate the confusing path to becoming a Driver, a little easier. 

The Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program was implemented September 1, 2014 authorizing Commercial Driver Education schools that meet requirements set by the Department to administer the driving skills examination.

Commercial Driver Education schools that meet these requirements and have undergone instructor testing, drive route audits and approval with the Department of Public Safety are now eligible to give the skills examination. This program is intended to reduce the time a teen must wait to perform their driving examination.

Approved Third Party Skills Testing schools may administer the driving skills examination to those who meet the following criteria

*Possess a valid DE-964 (32 hour course) showing completion of a Driver Education
*Individuals must be 16 – 24 years of age
*View the ITTD video and receive a certificate dated within 90 days of the skills examination.
(All individuals tested through the TPST program must complete the ITTD requirements, prior to taking their driving skills examination.)

Individuals 25 and over are not allowed  to be tested by a TPST authorized school at this time.

Individuals who take the 6 hour drivers ed course are not allowed  to be tested by a TPST authorized school at this time.

NOTE: Fee structures for driving skills examinations administered through the TPST program are not regulated by the Department.

To read facts regarding program:

Information on DPS TESTING

​NO TESTING FROM FEB 18TH - 25TH. More information on CONTACT US page

TEXT 469-844-1377 

What happens after you pass your on the road DPS TEST with North Texas DPS Testing?

You will receive paperwork from our Tester to turn in at DPS. DO NOT BREAK SEALED ENVELOP. Then you will go to the DPS to process your paperwork, fingerprinting, vision exam, and take the official photo for license. You will need to bring all supplemental documents to the DPS with your SEALED ENVELOP from North Texas DPS Testing. 

What is the Fee at DPS, if any ?

Fee at DPS $11-$24* will be for vision exam, finger printing, and photo.  *subject to change based on DPS policies

What happens if I fail my first attempt at the Road Test?
-Your 2nd attempt is $20
-Your 3rd attempt is $40

If you fail three times with our Examiner, then you will not be able to test at any third party site and will have to test at DPS only.

Where do you practice parallel parking?

Behind the Cici's Pizza/ Aldi's Grocery Store at the corner of Hwy 66 and Rowlett Road. There is poles set up 24/7 for your convienence to practice.

What if I need assistance with Parallel Parking or need a refresher for the test?

Consider setting up a Pre-Test. It is a 1-1 private lesson, approx 30 mins with the authorized DPS tester. 

You will run the route of the test, go over how the test is graded, work on improving your skills, and get an individualized assessment on what to do to improve your score. Also, we go over Parallel parking in detail.  This is optional service. Not all students need a Pre-Test. To schedule a Pre-Test, just inquire when emailing your information back. Space is limited. We will do the best to accommodate you before you DPS test. $50.00 per Private Lesson with the DPS tester.

Driver's License Testing can be completed two different ways...

Option A) You can make an appointment with DPS, which is the only site authorized for all ages, with no restrictions, a this time. Sometimes the wait can be long before you can reschedule if you fail or if your schedule changes. DPS officers can be perceived as intimidating.

Option B) State Authorized DPS Test Site like here in Rowlett Texas! Our location is a designated School for the Third Party Skills Test Program, Class C Driving Test

We offer Driver's License Testing for age 16 - 24& 11 months ( Over 18 years needs full 32 Hour Class Certificate, call if you have questions regarding eligibility )

 ***In Summary***
Testing at our locations for  The On The Road Drive Test will be available for:
      -all students Age 16 - 17 years 11 months. 
      -18 - 24 year 11 months with restrictions.